21st-Century Crime

21stc'21st-Century Crime' aims to include a wide range of contemporary fiction, films and criticism that we would like to recommend to our readers. We hope to provide reviews of: 21st-century crime fiction, re-issues of 20th-century classics, true crime, genre criticism, film criticism and crime-related websites.  We want to invite writers and publishers to send us books for review, and also would be very pleased to receive recommendations of books that readers would like to see reviewed on the site.  Please contact Lee Horsley.

The Interviews section includes Christa Faust, Ray Banks, Elmore Leonard, Tony Black, Lynn Kostoff, Charlie Stella, Megan Abbott, Vicki Hendricks, Martyn Waites, Cathi Unsworth, Olen Steinhauer, Kevin Wignall, Sean Cregan, Steve Mosby, Roger Smith, Dave Zeltserman, Ian Rankin, Jack O'Connell, Jason Starr. 

In our Fiction section, we currently offer an article on Tart Noir, and discussions of the work of Joelle Charbonneau, Hilary Davidson, David Peace, Vicki Hendricks, Megan Abbott, Christa Faust, Ray Banks, John Dalton, Charlotte Carter, Jason Starr, Kevin Wignall, Charlie Williams, Allan Guthrie, Jack O'Connell and Brian Evenson, plus pages on Italian and Scandinavian Noir.   

The Non-Fiction review articles include The Creation, Marketing and Contexts of Hollywood Crime Films, Past Crime: Pre-nineteenth Century Representations of Criminality, and Goodfellas and Party Monsters

Reviving the Classics offers reviews of The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories, Gruesser's A Century of Detection and the new Encyclopedia of Film Noir; other features include Great Gangsters, Outlaws and Femmes Fatales, Pulp Originals: the e-Publishing of Mid-Century American Crime Novels and Nightmare Alley, on Spain Hernandez’s graphic adaptation of Gresham's novel.