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The Lancaster University Library Catalogue of the Tom Milne Popular Fiction Archive

There are 2,850 books and 30 journals in the Milne Popular Fiction Archive. The great majority of the books are paperback crime fiction, published  from the 1920s through to the early 21st century.  The Library’s OneSearch link will take you to a searchable database for the entire collection. The books and magazines in the Milne Archive can all be read in the Lancaster Library Rare Books Archive.  Please see the University web page on Accessing the Library’s Special Collections.  To arrange an appointment contact either Helen Clish or Liz Fawcett, at librba@lancaster.ac.uk.

It is also possible to view a list of every author with two or more titles in the Milne Archive:  the list is available on the Library website, and also on this page.  Clicking on any of the authors’ names below will perform a search in OneSearch.

Milne Archive Books

Abel, Kenneth. (2)
Adams, Cleve F. (11)
Aldyne, Nathan. (4)
Alexander, David, (17)
Allegretto, Michael. (3)
Ambler, Eric, (2)
Anderson, Edward, (2)
Armstrong, Charlotte, (28)
Axelrod, George. (3)
Ballard, Todhunter, (2)
Barbette, Jay, (4)
Bardin, John Franklin. (3)
Barnes, Linda. (14)
Beaver, Jeffrey. (2)
Benson, Ben. (10)
Bezzerides, A. I. (2)
Blake, Nicholas, (11)
Bleeck, Oliver, (4)
Bloch, Robert, (13)
Blochman, Lawrence G. (2)
Boucher, Anthony, (9)
Brackett, Leigh. (5)
Brautigan, Richard. (2)
Brown, Fredric, (41)
Browne, Howard, (5)
Bruno, Anthony (11)
Burke, James Lee, (24)
Burnett, W. R. (2)
Cain, James M. (20)
Cain, Paul, (2)
Campbell, R. Wright. (21)
Chandler, Raymond, (16)
Chase, James Hadley, (2)
Coben, Harlan, (3)
Collins, Max Allan. (51)
Collins, Michael, (17)
Condon, Richard, (3)
Connell, Evan S., (4)
Conrad, Joseph, (3)
Constantine, K. C. (13)
Constiner, Merle. (10)
Coxe, George Harmon, (4)
Crais, Robert (2)
Crais, Robert. (10)
Crider, Bill, (13)
Crumley, James, (8)
Curtis, Jack, (2)
Daly, Elizabeth, (2)
Davis, Norbert. (2)
Deaver, Jeffery. (18)
Demaris, Ovid. (10)
Deming, Richard. (4)
Dewey, Thomas Blanchard, (36)
Dexter, Pete, (6)
Doolittle, Jerome. (6)
Dundee, Wayne D. (3)
Dwyer, K. R., (2)
Eastlake, William. (2)
Ellington, Richard (5)
Ellroy, James, (14)
Emerson, Earl W. (12)
Endore, S. Guy, (4)
Estleman, Loren D. (49)
Fairbairn, Douglas (2)
Fearing, Kenneth, (4)
Finnegan, Robert, (2)
Finney, Jack (4)
Fischer, Bruno, (15)
Fish, Robert L. (19)
Fisher, Clay, (2)
Fisher, Steve, (15)
Fisher, Vardis, (3)
Ford, Ford Madox, (4)
Fowles, John, (2)
Gardner, Erle Stanley, (4)
Gault, William Campbell. (18)
Genet, Jean, (2)
Goldman, William, (3)
Goodis, David, (20)
Gorman, Edward (3)
Gorman, Edward. (36)
Grant, Maxwell, (2)
Greenleaf, Stephen (14)
Gresham, William Lindsay. (2)
Grubb, Davis, (7)
Gruber, Frank, (2)
Guthrie, A. B. (2)
Hall, James W. (14)
Hall, Parnell. (18)
Halliday, Brett (29)
Halliday, Brett. (2)
Hambly, Barbara (4)
Hamilton, Patrick, (2)
Hammett, Dashiell, (12)
Hanley, James, (4)
Harris, Thomas, (3)
Haycox, Ernest, (3)
Haywood, Gar Anthony. (6)
Healy, J. F. (16)
Hearn, Daniel. (2)
Hentoff, Nat. (2)
Hiaasen, Carl. (13)
Highsmith, Patricia, (30)
Hilary, Richard. (2)
Hillerman, Tony. (10)
Himes, Chester B., (7)
Hitchens, Bert. (5)
Hitchens, Dolores, (14)
Holden, Craig. (4)
Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay, (12)
Homes, Geoffrey, (10)
Household, Geoffrey, (9)
Howard, James. (2)
Hoyt, Richard, (10)
Hughes, Dorothy B. (15)
Hunt, Violet, (3)
Hunter, Evan, (2)
Irish, William, (21)
Irvine, R. R. (4)
Izzi, Eugene (14)
Jackson, Charles, (2)
James, Henry, (2)
Kakonis, Tom E. (4)
Kane, Frank, (10)
Kane, Henry. (48)
Kantner, Rob (6)
Kantner, Rob. (2)
Keene, Day (36)
Keene, Day. (5)
Kellerman, Jonathan (4)
King, Rufus, (12)
Klavan, Andrew (7)
Knight, Adam, (2)
Koenig, Joseph (2)
Koontz, Dean R. (4)
Kornbluth, C. M. (2)
Krasner, William, (2)
Kuttner, Henry (5)
Lansdale, Joe R., (13)
Latimer, Jonathan, (8)
Le May, Alan, (7)
Lee, Gypsy Rose, (2)
Lehane, Dennis (7)
Leonard, Elmore, (41)
Lewin, Michael Z. (13)
Lochte, Dick. (4)
Lutz, John, (20)
Lyons, Arthur. (9)
MacDonald, John D. (73)
MacDonald, John Ross, (2)
Macdonald, Ross, (17)
Marlowe, Dan J., (2)
Marlowe, Stephen, (3)
Marshall, William Leonard, (15)
Marsten, Richard, (3)
Martin, Robert, (3)
Masterson, Whit. (17)
Masur, Harold Q., (7)
Matheson, Richard, (7)
Mathis, Edward. (7)
Maxwell, Thomas, (3)
Mayersberg, Paul. (2)
McBain, Ed, (64)
McCloy, Helen. (19)
McCoy, Horace, (4)
McDowell, Michael (4)
McGivern, William P (6)
McGivern, William P. (2)
McIntosh, J. T. (2)
McKnight, Bob, (5)
Melville, James. (10)
Meredith, D. R. (9)
Merritt, Abraham, (2)
Millar, Margaret, (17)
Miller, Rex, (7)
Miller, Wade (14)
Miller, Wade. (5)
Morrell, David (15)
Morrell, David. (2)
Morse, L. A. (2)
Mosley, Walter. (15)
Murphy, Dallas. (4)
Nolan, William F., (2)
Norman, Geoffrey. (2)
Olsen, D. B., (8)
Packer, Vin, (10)
Padgett, Lewis (2)
Page, Marco (3)
Parker, Robert B., (45)
Parker, T. Jefferson (9)
Parker, T. Jefferson. (4)
Parkinson, Dan. (10)
Patrick, Q. (9)
Paul, Elliot, (9)
Perry, Thomas (6)
Peterson, Keith, (4)
Philbrick, W. R. (6)
Philips, Judson, (65)
Pike, Robert L., (6)
Pinter, Harold, (3)
Pohl, Frederik. (2)
Powell, Talmage. (9)
Prather, Richard S. (35)
Pronzini, Bill (10)
Pronzini, Bill. (38)
Queen, Ellery (2)
Queen, Ellery. (2)
Quentin, Patrick (5)
Quentin, Patrick. (11)
Rabe, Peter (8)
Rabe, Peter. (4)
Ransom, Daniel. (2)
Reid, Robert Sims. (3)
Reynolds, Mack. (2)
Rice, Craig, (17)
Richards, Frank, (51)
Robbins, Tod, (2)
Roberts, Lee, (5)
Roberts, Les, (6)
Roszak, Theodore, (2)
Roth, Holly (4)
Sadler, Mark, (6)
Sallis, James, (8)
Schaefer, Jack, (2)
Schorr, Mark (5)
Schow, David J. (3)
Schutz, Benjamin M. (4)
Shames, Laurence (2)
Shames, Laurence. (5)
Shaw, Bernard, (4)
Sheckley, Robert, (6)
Simmons, Dan. (6)
Smith, Julie, (12)
Spain, John, (3)
Spencer, Ross H. (5)
Spicer, Bart, (9)
Stagge, Jonathan (6)
Stagge, Jonathan. (2)
Stark, Richard, (10)
Stevens, Shane. (3)
Stockbridge, Grant. (3)
Stout, Rex, (19)
Sturgeon, Theodore. (2)
Swanson, Doug J., (3)
Swarthout, Glendon Fred. (6)
Tapply, William G. (17)
Tarkington, Booth, (6)
Tevis, Walter S. (3)
Thomas, Ross, (18)
Thompson, Jim, (31)
Thornburg, Newton (7)
Traven, B. (5)
Tree, Gregory (2)
Tree, Gregory. (2)
Trimble, Louis, (2)
Tucker, Wilson, (5)
Turner, Robert, (2)
Turner, Robert Harry, (3)
Updike, John. (2)
Vachss, Andrew H. (14)
Valin, Jonathan. (10)
Washburn, L. J. (3)
Waugh, Hillary (20)
Welch, Denton. (2)
Wellman, Manly Wade, (12)
Wellman, Paul I. (3)
White, Ethel Lina (11)
White, Lionel (11)
White, Lionel. (8)
Whitfield, Raoul. (3)
Whittington, Harry, (3)
Willeford, Charles Ray, (15)
Williams, Charles, (19)
Wilmer, Dale. (2)
Wilson, F. Paul (4)
Woodrell, Daniel. (7)
Woolrich, Cornell, (50)
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn, (2)

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