Crimeculture’s Fiction Reviews, 2010-12

Lauren Randall’s Review of Paul Johnston’s The Silver Stain

“That ain’t the way real detectives do things”: the Amateur Lady Detectives of Joelle Charbonneau and Hilary Davidson

Penzler and Deutsch (ed and intro), The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories

Gruesser (ed), A Century of Detection: Twenty Great Mystery Stories, 1841-1940

“Ways to make a fast buck”:  Lynn Kostoff’s Late Rain and Charlie Stella’s Johnny Porno

“Dreaming their big dreams”: the American Nightmares of Megan Abbott and Vicki Hendricks

“The terror of the truth”: the Gothic Noir of Cathi Unsworth and Martyn Waites

“Who the hell are you?” Hits, Lies and Identity Crises in the Thrillers of Kevin Wignall and Olen Steinhauer

The “subterranean night beneath the world”: a review of Sean Cregan’s The Levels and Steve Mosby’s Still Bleeding


Archive of Crimeculture’s Fiction Reviews, 2005-2009

“‘Not guilty?’ ‘We all are’”: The Politics of Contemporary Policing in David Peace’s Red Riding Quartet, by Katy Shaw

The Queens of Noir: Crimeculture recommends the novels of Vicki Hendricks, Megan Abbott and Christa Faust, Lee Horsley, extract from ‘Literary Noir in the Twenty-First Century,” The Noir Thriller

Reader, I Marinated Him: A Taste of Tart Noir:  Lee Horsley, conference paper, Lancaster University’s ‘The Twenty-First Century Novel: Reading and Writing Contemporary Fiction, 2-3 September 2005

“Cold, damp, nothing zones”: the mean streets of the Midlands: Reviews of Ray Banks and John Dalton

Cities of the Damned: Literary Noir in the Twenty-First Century:  Reviews of Charlotte Carter, Jason Starr, Charlie Stella, Kevin Wignall, Charlie Williams and Allan Guthrie  

Word Made Flesh and Brotherhood of Mutilation: Neddal Ayad recommends Jack O’Connell and Brian Evenson

Italian Noir:  Massimo Carlotto and Gianrico Carofiglio, reviewed by Glenn Harper

Scandinavian Noir:  Karin Fossum, Åke Edwardson, Helen Tursten, Arnaldur Indridason, Liza Marklund, Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö, reviewed by Glenn Harper

Los Angeles:  Neddal Ayad reviews Peter Moore Smith