About Us

Crimeculture was created in the Summer of 2002 by Lee Horsley and Kate Horsley. Our online magazine features reviews of film and fiction and interviews with writers as well as essays on crime fiction, crime films and representations of criminality. The site receives well over 5 million hits a year from all over the world. We are very grateful to the growing number of contributors, adding greatly to its range and diversity. Our current series, Pulp Nostalgia delves into the childhood memories and the favourite books, films and bad girls of current crime writers, editors and reviewers.

We seek to explore different critical approaches to the study of crime literature/film, and to be as entertaining and wide-ranging as possible. In addition to fiction and film, we cover, for example, TV crime series, true crime writing, vintage crime paperback art work, graphic novels and the early literature of crime.

The aims of crimeculture are:

  • To provide an opportunity for the best undergraduate and postgraduate students to publish things online, whether first-rate term-time essays or things written specially for the site: please see our Articles section.
  • To work collaboratively with writers and critics to build a comprehensive and informative site.
  • To establish links with the people who run the best crime-related web sites.



Lee Horsley’s work on 20th-century crime fiction was funded in 2003-04 by the AHRB. The Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB) funds postgraduate and advanced research within the UK’s higher education institutions.

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