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Sherlock Holmes Flash-Fiction Competition

Crimeculture invites you to enter our Flash-Fiction Competition

Carlton HobbsWe are pleased to announce that Crimeculture is running a Sherlock Holmes Flash Fiction Competition as part of an AudioGo promotion. Entry is free and the deadline for submission is Friday 15th June 2012. Stories must be no longer than 400 words and should feature Holmes in another time and place or in a different genre, e.g. gothic, hardboiled, cyberpunk or sci-fi.

Please send your submissions to editor Kate Horsley at kate.horsley@mac.com and click here for more details about Crimeculture. All entries should be submitted by email as a PDF or Word document attachment.  Entries will be judged anonymously: please give yourself a pseudonym and identify your submission only by title and pseudonym. Your email should provide the name and e-address of the writer; the title of your entry(ies) and your chosen pseudonym.  Entries must be original and unpublished.

The Crimeculture editorial team will shortlist ten stories and Sean Cregan, author of explosive and brilliant cyberpunk novels The Levels and The Razor Gate, will judge the overall winner: read more about Sean Cregan, and read his own piece of Holmsian flash fiction, “Cthulhu Holmes & The Case Of The Missing Brother.”

The winning ten writers will have their work published on the Crimeculture website. The winning writer will be interviewed, published on Crimeculture and presented with a set of AudioGo‘s BBC Sherlock Holmes audiobook CDs:

Audiogo Logo


Full-cast dramatisation, 6 CDs, Duration 6 hours

  • A further collection of Sherlock Holmes dramas, starring Carleton Hobbs, from the BBC Radio Archive.
  • In the 1950s and 60s, Carleton Hobbs established the ‘sound’ of Sherlock Holmes on Radio 4, with Norman Shelley as his superb Watson.
  • An exciting addition to our extensive range of Sherlock Holmes audio publishing, with special appeal to collectors of vintage recordings.
  • Collected together on CD for the first time, with a specially commissioned introduction by Nicholas Utechin, former Editor of the Sherlock Holmes Journal.
  •  Sherlock will be back on BBC 1 this year with more episodes and the second film is due for release in December this year.

Title Synopsis:

  • In this these twelve classic stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, Carleton Hobbs established the ‘sound’ of Sherlock Holmes, with Norman Shelley as his superb Watson.
  •  This collection includes:  The Copper Beeches , Thor Bridge, Sussex Vampire, The Three Garridebs , The Three Gables,  The Retired Colourman,  The Boscombe Valley Mystery, The Crooked Man, The Cardboard Box, A Case of Identity, The Naval Treaty, The Noble Bachelor


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