15th – 18th May Bristol, UK

crimefest_logoFor full details of this year’s CRIMEFEST see their website and their very full Programme of events. The CRIMEFEST programme consists of interviews with its featured and highlighted guest authors; some fifty panels with more than a hundred participating authors; a gala awards dinner; and one or two surprises. The Programme includes panels on locked rooms, women as victims, the modern thriller, the paranormal, political thrillers, the hired gun, Euro noir, psychotherapists and psychiatrists, plus interviews with Nicci French, Lars Kepler, Yrsa Sigurdardottir – and much else.

CRIMEFEST is a convention for people who like to read an occasional crime novel as well as for die-hard fanatics. Drawing top crime novelists, readers, editors, publishers and reviewers from around the world, it gives all delegates the opportunity to celebrate the genre in a friendly, informal and inclusive atmosphere.

CRIMEFEST was created following the hugely successful one-off visit to Bristol in 2006 of the American ‘Left Coast Crime‘ convention. The British hosts were encouraged to continue with a similar annual event and as a result the first CRIMEFEST was organised in June 2008. The convention has grown to become not only one of the biggest crime fiction events in Europe, but also one of the most popular dates in the international crime fiction calendar.