Contributions to Crimeculture

When Crimeculture was founded in 2002, one of our main aims was to provide an opportunity for the best undergraduate and postgraduate students to publish things online, whether first-rate term papers or things written specially for the site.  We also wanted to invlove in as many ways as possible those engaged in teaching courses on crime literature or film, and invited them to contribute articles on anything they were working on.  We are grateful to the growing number of writers and critics who have contributed to the site, adding greatly to its range and diversity.

Since 2002, Crimeculture has published several dozen essays on crime fiction, crime films and representations of criminality.  For the Articles section of our redesigned site, we have chosen examples of some of the outstanding articles submitted to Crimeculture between 2002 and 2011: see the pull-down menu for these and other articles.

All of the pieces published 2002-2011 can still be accessed in our Articles Archive; our 2006 articles on Postmodern and Future Noir are to be found in our Summer Special Archive.


Call for Papers and Guidelines for Contributors

We continue to welcome offers to provide the site with additional material, whether articles or new sub-sections relating to Crime Fiction, Crime Films or True Crime.

We invite you to send us your pieces of work on any crime-related topics.  The editors of the site are looking for papers that make a lively contribution to the study of crime literature, film or graphic art.

Length:  approximately 2000-3000 words would be ideal, but we will consider shorter or longer papers.

Means of submission:  Word documents sent as attachments, please,  to the contact e-mail address of the site editors.

Referencing:  We do not have a ‘house style’, but simply ask that you provide clear and consistent references to the sources you use.  We would prefer bracketed in-text references, since essays without numbered footnotes are much more easily posted up online.